Friday, November 22, 2002

Burgers don't make People fat. People make people fat.
McDonald's targeted in obesity lawsuit
I'm a fat bastard because I eat too many burgers. Then surely thats your fault you wanker. If you eat better then it wouldn't be this way.
Lifestyle choice. More to the point YOUR lifestyle choice.
You chose to eat their fatty, low nutrition food. They didn't force it on you. Ergo Your Fault.
I'd like to finish with a well know english chant. Used agianst sportsmen who are looking a bit chubby. (It was also used aginst Don King in New York at the start of a boxing match, and there where many confused American faces while doing so :> )

"Who eat all the pies ?
Who eat all the pies ?
You fat bastard.
You fat bastard.
You eat all the pies ?"

I thank you.

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