Thursday, August 14, 2003

Well this is old news, but this piece is intersting.

"Microsoft said its home and entertainment unit, which includes Xbox, PC games and the company's TV products, had a fiscal second-quarter operating loss of $348 million on revenue of $1.28 billion. A year ago, that unit reported a loss of $180 million on revenue of $833 million for the December quarter."

So they haven't sold anywhere near the amount of XBoxen they wanted (less than half), and they've managed to push their division into an loss of an extra $168 Million over the year before.

Ouch !

I will have an XBox when Halo2 comes out, but not until then.
And I'll get e re-con one for about $100.

And while I'm on the subject ATI will make the Gfx chip for XBox 2, not Nvidia.
So ATI will make the GFx chip for both the Gamecube and XBox. And XBox chips constitue 20% of Nvidia's business.

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