Saturday, February 01, 2003

God-botherer or no, I still laugh out loud reading about Tony and his brood. Hilariously funny, I think, but I no longer know what it's like not to have small children.
Hey Lee! The Mad Emperor Misha I lets fly with what I think is essentially your take on amnesty for illegal immigrants. Nicely put, and the argument sounds sane coming from somebody that isn't, um, you.
Hey! What happened to my post about the Columbia? I've been Blogger-ized!

Crap. It was pretty good too, as far as that goes. I'll rewrite it, but it won't be the same.
Not that anybody's noticed, but writing has been inordinately light here recently. Big things are afoot, and I hope to be issuing press releases in a few days to a couple of weeks. Details to follow.
Phillipe DeCroy, of the inestimable Volokh Conspiracy, finds an interesting common-law precendent that may shed some light on lawfully putting a cap in Saddam's asshat.

I fear the coming conflict for the lives of our soldiers and the lives of the Iraqis, but sometimes the dog has to be shot (cf. "Old Yeller", not that Saddam is our dog mind you)

Friday, January 31, 2003

So the UK is going to do something akin to the USA in requiring people wishing to get British citizenship to learn about the UK, its laws, language, and history with the new UK 'citizenship test'
Now I think this is quite a good idea, it would better prepare people for integration into our society. They would have a better understanding of how UK life works.
I'm gonna have to take the USA test pretty soon, when I go for dual nationality. I'm quite looking forward to looking at the stuff. How the government is formed and works, some history (and I know way more about US history the UK history - don't quite know how it turned out that way. I really knoiw jack-shit about the UK pre 20th century, which is when the cool stuff happened. Caveliers and Roundbottoms are something :> )
It's a good thing to know how how stuff (is supposed to work) in your new adoptive country.
How can something this small be so deadly ??
Because its Australian thats why. Something like 80% of the worlds most dangerous/poisonous creatures are native to Oz. (Funnelweb spider, snakes - 5 of the 6 most deadly snakes are native to Oz etc etc).
I'd still ike to go for a walkabout in Oz though.

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Gah !!!!! Do I get a Sharp Zarus or the new Sony CLIÉ.
I really like both........