Thursday, October 09, 2003

Well I never thought the Game Cube would outsell the PS2.
Admittedly this is only for this month, but still. The PS2 has never been outsold before !
Brits, eccentric ?
Not at all.
After walking 26 miles under loch Ness in an old turn of the century diving suit, who wouldn't decide to ride across Australia on a penny farthing ?
BWA-hahahahahaha! Take that, you evil Lords of Redmond! I will lick the salty tears of anguish from your cheeks!

Monday, October 06, 2003

So Nasa is sayinmg the shuttle could fly again in a year !
And they are trumpeting this as a huge success ! WTF ????
Take space exploration away from Nasa and put it in private hands. Maybe then we will see some advancement.
Nasa has sucked since Apollo 11.
Considering they have been working on the HHGTTG movie for years and years, I'll believe it where I see it
Anyway it'll be scripted by an American, acted by americans, and it'll be shite because of it.
Honestly, an American travelling the universe looking for a "Really good cup of tea" ?
Well I think Eddie Izzard is a fabulous choice for Doctor Who.
BBC America has axed Eastenders.
Good I say.
Eastenders is a crappy British soap that people love back home. I hate it. Then again I hate all soaps, and I'm notoriously hard to please.
Take it off BBC America, and keep it off.

On a side note...
The Americans make soaps about super rich people (Dallas, Falon Crest etc)
The Australians make soaps about the urban middle class (Neighbours etc)
The British make soaps about poor losers (Eastenders, Coronation Street etc)
Well if I had to make a choice, I certainly wouldn't want to watch a program about losers (which is why I don't watch Big Brother, American Idol, Bererly Hills 90210, etc etc)
Now I'm suprised that after awarding the Iraq Cell phone contracts, that they wheren't the shitty TDMA that most US companies where trying to push on Iraq. GSM is the standard in almost every country over there, so it's nice to see that Iraq is actually going GSM.
I feel like giving a "hooray!" for common sense.
When US companies are playing catch up, with moving to GSM (2nd Gen), and while Europe already has GPRS (2.5 Gen) and is almost ready to move to W-CDMA (3rd Gen), its nice to see the Americans didn't force TDMA (1st Gen) on the Iraqis (despite US cell phone companies lobbying hard to do so - they own the TDMA patent you see !)

And this happens on the same day (see post below)
Wierd huh ?
You live in a small New York flat. What would you have as a pet ?
A hamster maybe ? A cat ? Perhaps even a small dog ? Why, oh why, would you have a full grown tiger, and a crocodile ?
And why do crazy people seem drawn to New York ?