Wednesday, June 04, 2003

I love to issue proclamations, but I don't really expect anybody to do what I tell them to. I would like to ask, however, that you please go sign this petition. The steady erosion of our public domain due to lobbyists for Disney et al is a real problem, even if it doesn't look like it yet. There are many many pragmatic solutions to the issue that don't involve depriving Mickey of any of his residual income.
If you're considering trying to find a VC, there's obviously a lot of stuff to think about. Thanks to Joel Spolsky, I found two interesting bits:
  • Presenting Your Company: David Hornik and Andrew Anker, two VCs with August Capital, throw out a few bullet points of ways to completely screw yourself up in the presentation
  • Joi Ito describes her company's investment process, which is kind of icky in its own special way.
Come and get it! Finally, a browser that is usable and that doesn't suck as bad as IE6. I had hoped against hope that eventually the time spent rewriting Mozilla from the ground up would accomplish something (besides giving the entire browser market to Microsoft), and it appears that it might finally bear fruit. Presenting: the Firebird Browser Project Page.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Hooray! Now you can configure Outlook (if you're using it) to quit hiding your attachments from you. Sure, some attachment suffixes are dangerous, but so is a pocketknife, fire, and bleach. Just because you may hurt yourself with a thing isn't necessarily enough reason to expunge it completely from your world. Sometimes, you really want somebody to email you an Access database, damn it.
Ooh! Owww! <thwack/> <thwack/> <thwack/> Arnold Kling unleashes a short torrent of economic attitude on Clinton, Bush, Greenspan, and other worthy recipients. More like this, please, sir.

Monday, June 02, 2003

Now this is too cool (pun intended)
A Peltier Beer Cooler

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Kathy and I took our daughters to see Finding Nemo yesterday, and I have to say that Pixar has done it again. The film was great fun and the voice characterization was spectacular. The story was sufficiently engrossing that, for most of the film, I wasn't even marvelling at the animation but was just pulled into the quest for Nemo. And for me that's really saying something.

As always, there's a scary bit. McKenna cried pretty seriously at that part, but she stuck it out and cheered for the big finish. All in all it was well worth the price of admission. Go see it.