Monday, May 24, 2010

Holy ArPen, Batman!

My pally tank is not uber, but he's pretty well geared. I'm main-tanking our ICC-10 fun runs, and have flown through more random heroics than I care to recall. But I have never seen anything like yesterday, when I ran into a fury warrior in a random. Pheruan the Kingslayer pulled over 13k DPS. In a five man. Ffffuuuuuuu.

I was doing everything I could to hold aggro and nothing worked. Nothing. Every stupid pally trick I could pull worked for maybe two GCDs, then the mobs were back on him except they were dying really stupidly quickly.

I told him he was a beast and asked the secret. He was sitting at 1400 armor penetration, so he was effectively fighting unarmored targets.

I now have a new goal for my plate DPS toons, because that was totally awesome.

P.S. I checked Elitist Armory: 33 Old Kingdom, 15 Utgarde Pinnacle, 12 Halls of Stone, 12 Utgarde Keep, etc. Apparently I lurb the Old Kingdom or something.