Friday, August 29, 2003

CNN says that the FBI is going to be arresting somebody for writing the "Blaster" worm. Here's their story. The bit that I find most curious is this paragraph:
A witness reportedly saw the teen testing the infection and called authorities, the official said.

I'll just let you sit and think about what that must mean for the two people involved. Doesn't the informant necessarily have to be part of the accused's circle? I mean it's not as if you can watch somebody typing away in another cubicle and figure out what they're doing with any real accuracy. They'd pretty much have to be giving you a demonstration, wouldn't they?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

So decide now. Which version of the dubya doll do you like the best the buffed up fighter pilot or the slightly more truthful realistic sayings doll.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Windows is insecure by design.
Well bugger me ! You only just realised this ??
My wife doesn't understand why I drink so much tea, and also doesn't understand why I don't enjoy coffee very much. (I enjoy really *GOOD* coffee, but not 99% of the crap that goes around).
Douglas Adams obviously had the same problem, with explaining the consumption (and social hoo-haa of the correct way to make tea) to his Americans friends. (They have never had a good cup of tea)
This is a rather good explanation of his.
Anyone who doesn't get the drinking of tea, should try a *good* cup of tea with a Kit Kat (straight out of the fridge). You will never ask such silly questions ever again :D

An exceprt from a guide to making good tea.

The finished tea should be a "rich, attractive colour" and be somewhere in the region of 65 degrees centigrade – any hotter and scientists warn that "vulgar slurping" might be required.

George Orwell (of 1984 fame) had rules for making tea
1. Use tea from India or Ceylon (Sri Lanka), not China
2. Use a teapot, preferably ceramic
3. Warm the pot over direct heat
4. Tea should be strong - six spoons of leaves per 1 litre
5. Let the leaves move around the pot - no bags or strainers
6. Take the pot to the boiling kettle
7. Stir or shake the pot
8. Drink out of a tall, mug-shaped tea cup
9. Don't add creamy milk
10. Add milk to the tea, not vice versa
11. No sugar!

And those familiar with the Hitchhiker's Guide will remember the drink dispenser from The Restaurant at the End of the Universe which, trying to figure out how to brew the perfect cuppa, grabs all available computing resources on board a certain starship.

And guess what the number is of the Earl Grey tea from Harrods (which some consider to be the finest example of tea) ?
Coincidence ? I think not !

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Mark Steyn has a few things to say about the California recall election, most of them quite funny and right on the mark:
I had a brief conversation with Bustamante at the 2000 Democratic Convention and he didn’t seem entirely there. A few months later, he was giving a speech in honour of Black History Month to the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and carelessly referred to the Negro Labor Council as the ‘Nigger Labor Council’. He carried on speaking, apparently oblivious, until it occurred to him rather a lot of people seemed to be walking out. I’d love to see a Republican use the N-word at a Black History Month dinner and live to tell the tale. But what’s relevant here is the delay between the unfortunate error and realising he’d made it.