Monday, January 25, 2010

Blizzard Doesn't Want Me To Play With My Friends

In my continuing effort to gear up my pally, I need to run lots more random heroics. Lots more. Like 240 more emblems of triumph more. Lots. Kathy needs more badges, as does Leigha, so we're all aligned. On both Saturday and Sunday, I hop on my pally, we all group up and queue for a random heroic.

The fly in the ointment is that Dan's shaman's gear is srs bzns. He's got all T9 plus the T9.245 offset pieces, plus 1337 trinkets, rings, cape, the whole kit. For both ele and resto.

So the "random" dungeon finder looks at all of our gear and throws us into Heroic Forge of Souls. Both nights: Heroic Forge of Souls. I'm standing in quest greens, with an average iLevel of maybe 150, queued as the tank for Pete's sake, and it throws us into Heroic Forge of Souls.

Both nights, it's two plus hours to clear the dungeon. We stuck it out, but at the end of Saturday night I mention to Dan that's it's a distinctly sub-optimal use of my limited playtime to run the T10 heroics, and then Sunday night Blizzard does it to us again. We got through it both nights, but it's a long slog. After a wipe on the final boss, it takes five or six minutes just to run back, and then everybody has to rebuff and crap.

And to top it off, Heroic Forge of Souls gives four (4) emblems of triumph total, one per boss for two bosses plus two as a bonus for accepting a random assignment; if it's the first random of the day it's only two emblems of triumph (plus two emblems of frost that I may never be able to use on my pally). In contrast, in two hours ungrouped with my actual friends but pugging with random strangers, I could reasonably expect to clear between six and nine T8 or T9 dungeons, at an average of six emblems per dungeon, so 24 emblems per hour versus 2.

The conclusion: Blizzard doesn't want me to play with my friends. What's up with that?