Thursday, February 06, 2003

Way back when, Microsoft added some special code to Windows 3.1 to detect DR-DOS (a competitor to MS-DOS) and throw up spurious error messages during install in an effort to make customers think there was something wrong with the not-from-MS product. They appear to be doing it again, the bastards.
Ohhhhh... More toys I must own.
How cool is this ? A Magnetic Marble Rollercoaster!
I think I'm gonna have to buy one of these keyboards. I may have a $ or two sitting around, now to convince my wife.....
And now Haloscan seems to have restored another backup tape. We now have back our comments between Feb 2nd and Feb 5th, but lost those left yesterday. Crap crap crappity crap. This is almost as bad as YACCS.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Haloscan seems to have lost all our comments left since February 2nd. Sorry about that.

Moe, I had left a comment following your comment about open source which was one of the lost bits. One person who's spent a good bit of time thinking and writing about the economic and sociological bases for open source v. closed source is Eric S. Raymond. He has a dead-tree book named "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" available now from as well as probably everybody else. He also has the original essays online at I suggest, given the economic nature of your question, starting with The Magic Cauldron.
Why is JBuilder evil?

Among all the other things I do that suck up my time, I read the two main Struts mailing lists. On struts-user, there is periodically a message or two observing that JBuilder is the Worst.Tool.Ever!!!1! or similar unsupported statement.

Do either of you readers know what they're talking about? I use JBuilder all the time, and find it an excellent tool worthy of my attention (not least because I can get "vi" key bindings in it, and we all know that CUA and EMACS are the sperm of the devil).

What gives? What's so evil about JBuilder that I just don't see?
Apparently AT&T isn't the only group trying to make a completely human sounding conversation without any human involved. I'd heard "Most Requested" a time or two before, but never really thought about the time commitment that would be invovled in honestly doing such a thing.
Note to self: start working out. I would have added "more often" but that implies "workouts(current) > 0" which isn't quite true.
Now some people do things for silly reasons, and all power to them. But some silly things really are just plain dumb. I have to ask what's the point ? This will take 7 generations to finish.
A new tech toy ! Supposedly these guys are gonna try to take on Nintendo at their own game - with a piece of hardware twice the price,and which they make a huge loss on each one. Hmmmm. Even I can see how this will end.
Ooooh! Shiny toys!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Hooray! Homestarrunner is back! 404 Doodoo Error
Step 1 of my all-time-consuming project is (apparently) done: today I submitted a tag library to allow Struts projects to target small-footprint wireless devices via WML. Because 1.1 is about to go release candidate 1, the submission is being set in abeyance, but it should be part of the "contrib" distribution post 1.1 release.

Maybe 1.2 ... we'll see.
Microsoft says it may have to change it profit forcasts because of Open-Source Threat
It this the start of the slide ? We can only hope so.

The interesting piece is that some people think "Microsoft would begin moving some of its current proprietary application enablers, such as the components of its software-as-a-service .Net strategy, to the Linux environment in late 2004"

Monday, February 03, 2003

Analysis of the Sapphire Worm, which managed to infect almost 80,000 hosts in just 30 minutes. I'll graciously allow you three guesses to figure out which manufacturer's products were affected.