Sunday, October 22, 2006

And now for something completely different

I'd just like to say that, so far, working for Microsoft is the best job I've ever had. Ever. Ever ever ever. Not only do I get to actually write code for interesting, new, cutting-edge research technologies, but I get paid a reasonable salary plus astonishingly good benefits to do so. And the political maneuvering is not bad at all; I'm still only a software development engineer (SDE), but I'm being fairly successful at inserting myself into good projects and there isn't that much push-back yet. I suppose we'll see how successful a strategy I'm pursuing come semi-annual review time.

So how come, huh?

Yesterday, as we were taking the last few possessions out of the temporary housing, I noticed a car parked next to us with a bumper sticker: "Fox News: We Distort, You Abide". So is it that Fox News is a distorted hack news outlet, but the NYT, CBS News, and CNN are agenda-free apolitical fonts of rigorously fact-checked news? Or is it that we conservatives are held to a higher standard, even by the moonbats?