Thursday, December 24, 2009

Have Another Slice of FailPUG

It finally happened last night: we stumbled into FailPUG-land. Kathy and I queued up for a random heroic and got heroic Halls of Reflection. This is an interesting instance, mostly because a really large percentage of the people imagine that clumping in the alcoves makes it "E-Z Mode".

it isn't. The melee have an AoE interrupt, and if you drag them all into the alcove then the healer is getting interrupted, which means no heals, which means dead DPS.

We got to wave 7 somehow and wiped. We came back in and tried it again in the alcove and wiped on wave 8. Seems like we're making progress, right? The third time we tried it in the big room with CC and everything. That was going well until one of the ranged aggro'd me (heals), and I died before the tank noticed him and picked him up (I suspect Vent would have helped here).

The tank ragequit at that point. Sigh. Frustrating, but children get accustomed to having everything handed to them and it takes a while for them to grasp that team sports aren't always about them getting exactly what they feel they deserve right exactly when they feel they deserve it.

We queued up again and got H ToC, which jebus haven't we seen that enough yet? The ele shaman posted the recount meters WHILE FIGHTING FACTION CHAMPS. And complained about the DPS. Why are you complaining about lack of DPS when everything is dying? This does not make me want to help you get your f*cking badges.

We got a DK tank. He was doing okay health-wise, but was losing aggro all over the place. I know DKs have AOE threat issues, and I wasn't really sweating it because I can keep everybody bubbled and running, but still ... get some threat plates. Black Knight phase two arrives, and he might be the first DK I've ever seen who didn't pop Army of the Dead here. Every single frame has the red square of Pissing Somebody Off Somewhere and I'm trying to keep everybody shielded and healed. In addition to bubble-spam, I have to chase the black knight and the DK; I assume the DK was trying to do something helpful but I'm mostly watching my raid frames and trying to keep everybody in range.

I chase the BK/DK pair right into a wave of corpse explosions. Dead priest ensues.

The ele shaman starts healing (yay dude! You seem to have some issue with DPS and "random pug" but way to change gears). I release and run back in, we finish the death knight, and collect the badges. While I'm rezzing the rogue, the DK ninjas the frozen orb, says I'm the worst healer ever in the game, and leaves group. Awesome finish.

So now I have six characters at max level and have put a grand total of two (2) people on my ignore list, both of whom came from one single PUG instance. I might unignore the shaman since he did, at the end, quit waggling his e-peen long enough to do what was needed to complete the instance, but maybe not. Life is too short for me to want to spend mine around e-peen wagglers.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rawr v2.3.3 is out

The big warlock patch must have gone in because it finally, finally stopped trying to get me to weight/gem MP5. What were they thinking, with that mp5 on a warlock thing? Preposterous!