Friday, March 14, 2003

It's nice to see even people 100% behind a war in Iraq are pissed at all the patriotic shite thats being shovelled around in the media.
i.e. "You don't agree with us so you're idiots, and we hate you" - Land of the Free, Freedom of speech, All Men created equal, yadda yadda yadda - My arse !
BWA-hahahahaha!!!! I'm absolutely dying! Thanks to Jane Galt for finding this treasure.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Land of the free, and home of the guys shooting at anyone who doesn't agree with the Bush's point of view. Agree to only publish what the US govt says, or be shot at.
Hmmmm.... Let me think about that....
Ewwwwwww !!
It seems the US really wants war, no matter what. Even as France aims to break Iraq deadlock.
What I don't understand is that North Korea is blatantly smacking the US with the threat of nuclear weapons, while Saddam is disarming somewhat (albeit at a slow pace), and the US is prepared to talk to North Korea, but nothing will sway them from war with Iraq - and to hell the consequences.
Now this would have nothing to do with the fact that Iraq should be a relatively easy war, whereas North Korea, with its million man army, and better-than-Iraq weaponry, would take a protracted war, with many American deaths ?

And another thing. If saddam has all these WMD's, wouldn't he use them in his defense when the US starts attacking Iraq ?
After all what has he personally got to lose ? He's gonna be deposed no matter what (as the US won't stop until he's gone). So the US troop deaths are gonna be huge if he has them. And if they are not, then he has disarmed, and therefore met US demands to disarm, and therefore there is no reason for a war.
Trouble is, we won't find out for sure until there IS a war, which of course is too late.
The irony of it........
Why am I not suprise that 40% of mail is spam ?
You only need to look at your own inbox to see that !
Well it's no supprise that Micro$hite is locking users into thier own proprietary XML formats for office. And we had such high hopes for this, but almost no expectation. Proved right again.
Microsoft will fuck me

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Who voted this nutcase into office ?
Although, I'm all for an extra day off work. And I'll drink a beer to just about anyone :)
I have a Tivo and its bloody fantastic. If it went away I would stop watching TV completely. Now AOL wants to make an "AOL-Tivo" that doesn't fast forward, has extra commercials inserted, and expects us to pay for. WTF.
If you're gonna give us extra commericals then it should damn well be free.
This will never work, it's 10% of what a Tivo is, without all the good things about Tivo, and with extra baddness added.
Watch out Saddam. We got some new operatives that are gonna get medeval on yer ass !<