Saturday, June 14, 2003

Oooooh ... Samurai Jack action figures!!! Yet more crap to clutter my workspace! Yay!

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Ah. A Fat Tax.
"The 1 percent tax hike proposed by Assemblyman Felix Ortiz would apply to junk food, video games and television commercials, which Ortiz blames on New York's growing obesity problem"

Now I have a better idea.
Tax the people who ARE fat.
Having trouble sticking to your diet ? Now its gonna cost *you* money.
Video games don't make you fat. I have hundreds and hundreds (I kid you not), and I'm not fat.
Commericals don't make you fat, I've seen them my whole life and I'm not fat.
Junk food, well that only makes you fat if you eat too much of it.
Common sense will make a big difference here. If you eat 4 Big Macs a day then you're gonna be fat - Idiot !

While I'm at it, lets tax stupid people too ! They are the cause of most of the crap (such as this proposed law, "caution hot" signs on coffee, etc etc)
Maybe Taxing stupid people would encourage them to learn.
And lets make stupidity painful too. Yeah ! I like that idea.
We can allow smacking people upside the head with big rubber mallets when they do something stupid.

Officer: Whats going on here then ?
Man 1: He hit me in the head with a hammer !
Man 2: It's true I did. But he claimed taxing video games, commericals, and fast food, would stop him being fat. This is obviously stupid. What would stop him being fat would be for him to stop eating cakes. So I hit him with my rubber mallet.
Officer: Thats OK then. You're totally within your rights. Move along please.