Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I had put these in the comments section, but they're important enough to put at the top level so you can notice them.
The New York Times > National > 9 / 11 Panel: U.S. Must Focus Intelligence
The New York Times reports that the 9/11 commisioners themselves state that there is no substantial disagreement between their views and the publicly-stated view of the Bush administration vis-a-vis ties between al-Qaeda and Iraq.
The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed-Columnist: The Zelikow Report
It turns out that the rhubarb was engendered not by an official commission judgement, but rather by a leaked interim memo prepared by the commissioner's staffers. Let me repeat that: it wasn't the commission's judgement at all.

Amazingly enough, the commission is distancing itself from the report by saying they don't get involved in what their staffers do in their spare time. I'm just boggled that they'd let that get out and be attributed to them. "Nonpartisan" my rosy red butt.

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