Thursday, February 08, 2007

Embarassing, right up until the end

I love TiVo. TiVo makes watching television something not entirely unpleasant. Why just last year, when we were in our temporary housing, we had to suffer without even a single-tuner TiVo unit and it was just horrible. I hardly ever (by which I mean "never at all if I can help it") watch things "live," but almost always watch them later on when it's more convenient for me.

So, I just got around to watching "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" last night. It was an embarassing slobbery L&O blowjob for Hillary Rodham Clinton. A wonderful, saintly, compassionate, much-loved womyn pol in NYC was running for President^H^H^H^H^HMayor but was being held back by her adulterous famous criminal husband, who always seemed to get himself indicted or something whenever she was about to get elevated to the throne she so richly deserved. Bleah.

At the first commercial break, I yelled at the teevee "but I don't like Hillary!" Took my wife a minute to figure out what I was on about, but as soon as she clued in she too was amazed at how openly the L&O folk were sucking up to Marie Antoinette.

So I was a bit puzzled when they wrapped up the ep by having HRH Whatshername guilty of a crime. L&O did go out of their way to make her crime rather weak: not stopping an assassination attempt on her husband because she didn't know how to avoid implicating that she knew it was going to happen. Bah. I bet when Bill takes a 7.62mm kiss to the head that HRC will have spat on the bullet before delivering it to the shooter.

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