Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Calyx and Corolla are the best.

I ordered some flowers for my sweetie last week, and they arrived today. They were from Calyx & Corolla, whom I highly recommend for all flower purchases. We have never had any problems with them, and the flowers look super spectacular, and they last approximately eleventeen hundred billion times longer than grocery store flowers.

The new flowers arrived today and, as usual, they look staggeringly gorgeous (I'll take a photo when I get home tonight and post it). Unfortunately the vase got broken during shipment. So I called their customer service number and told the lady who answered the phone that the flowers looked great but the vase was broken. I said I needed to arrange to send back the broken vase and get a replacement out. She said "never mind ... just throw away the old vase. We'll send you a new one out."

She didn't ask me my sooper-seekrit customer number. She didn't ask me my order number. She repeated my name, asked my ZIP Code, and verified that this was about the tulips I sent to Kathy. Now THAT'S customer service.

Now go buy some flowers. http://www.calyxandcorolla.com

Parrot tulips #3

Parrot tulips

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