Thursday, May 03, 2007

Do people still say that?

I was listening to the Adam Carolla show while driving in this morning. Today's in-studio guest was Ted Nugent, well-known bowhunting advocate. They took a phone call from a listener who had a question for Ted. The caller, J. Random Listener, started out claiming to be a fellow sportsman and hunter, presumably to establish his Man Club bona fides or something, but rapidly escalated into calling Ted a punk and ... a "chickenhawk."

I was astounded. Here, live, in person (sort of), an actual human being (henceforth "Person A") called another human being (henceforth "Person B") a "chickenhawk" because Person B didn't join the military. What year is it again? Is it possible to have been online-aware enough to get the "call Republicans 'chickenhawks'" memo but not actually clued in sufficiently to realize that the whole "chickenhawk" argument has been laid to rest rather forcefully? Even the normally anti-Republican Wikipedia has an entry for "chickenhawk" that lists a whole slew of reasons why "chickenhawk" is passe.

Or is it still alive elsewhere, and I'm not looking in the correct fever swamps?

It's just bizarre.


wholesomedick said...

You're complaining language that liberals use dated?

Why don't you cry about it? You fucking pussy.

Mitchell said...

heh heh ... thanks for playing.