Monday, September 10, 2007


I set my TiVo to record the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards show. Kathy and I waited a while after the scheduled start, as is our habit, so we could fast-forward through the commercials. About 10-ish, we started watching.

We gave it up as a lost cause very quickly thereafter. Brittney looked like crap; she's a perfectly lovely girl, but she just looked completely embarassed to be out there on the stage. If she'd had even a smidge of self-confidence she might have pulled it off, but if she didn't think I should be wanting to look at her then she's probably right.

There was no energy in the main room there, even after Chris Brown's performance. He looked good, but if that couldn't wake up those people then there's no hope for them. All in all a complete waste of our time.

MTV => boring.