Thursday, May 07, 2009

"Star Trek” Is Made Of Win

I just got done watching “Star Trek” and ZOMG it is made of solid win and covered with awesome sauce. Our VP took the whole of the WLX team to see it this morning, and I could easily have watched it again once or twice right then and there. It was sweet.

The movie was great. It starts out exciting and kept the pace throughout. I sat there through the whole thing with a big grin except at the sad parts, where I got a little misty. Don’t tell.

The casting was phenomenal. I was really impressed at how well the actors inhabited the canonical characters. I completely believed that they were who they were supposed to be, and that they’d grow to be the characters we’d already met in ST:TOS. They even managed to sound like themselves without the actors doing impressions of the original cast.

I walked out of the theater amped, and have only appreciated the movie more as I’ve reviewed it in my head since then. This was a super experience and everybody should go see it.

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