Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Universal Attribute

The Greedy Goblin went to Warsong Gulch. What he found there is people acting like people act: stupid. I recently farmed up enough marks to get my main (and Kathy’s main too, so you know how much of a beta provider I can be when I put my mind to it) the black war mount, and I found that (a) Warsong Gulch was the most frustrating of the three required battlegrounds, (2) PuGs all fought in the middle of the damned field for no damned reason, and (iii) I racked up several PvP achievements by standing in the flag room defending all by my lonesome.

What makes (iii) so surprising is that I did it on a 77 priest and again on a 76 hunter. Solo, in both cases, in a bracket that included plenty of 79 and 80 players. I expected it to just be a time sink, but I actually managed to get achievements in the process precisely the same way that GG observed.

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