Monday, May 17, 2010

Not EXACTLY The Same As "Undergeared"

Gevlon's experiment is a bit more hard-core, but on Saturday we went into ICC-10 on a fun run, for alts and people who aren't raiding seriously. I let myself be talked out of tanking at first (I was on my pally, so I went LOLRET instead). We picked up a guildy on his alt DK tank plus a handful of other pugs.

The DK tank might have had more than 5K gearscore, but he'd have been the only one. We wiped a bit, but we got Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, and the gunship down and had a really fun time of it. By the time we got to Saurfang, we'd been at it a while and so only made one attempt before calling it.

We're going back next week without the DK, and I bet we do just as well and with even more lulz.

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